Birthday Celebrations to Finish the Year

Today – 30th December – is my Dad’s birthday. Dad has been a tie love for as long as I can remember. He has a ridiculously large collections and is always adding to it.

A lot of them are nice, but some of them are very bright and out there….some even a little – dare I say it – ugly! My Dad is a high school maths teacher and I remember having a charity day at school called ‘Ugly Tie Day’ – wear a tie like Mr Kissane and donate a gold coin for the privilege! So – what would be better suited for his birthday card than a ‘Tie Card’


I found the instructions for this card style in this YouTube video.

My parents live in London and have done for the last 10 or so years. We are lucky though that they come out quite regularly to visit, and this year they arrived a couple of weeks ago so we got to enjoy christmas with them as well as being together to celebrate Dad’s birthday. I don’t know if it stems from being a maths teacher, or just a quirk of my Dad in general, but Dad often likes to point out interesting facts that are centred about numbers. And this year he shares his birthday with my youngest sister being exactly 33 1/3 years old – exactly 1/3 of a century. In honour of this day, he asked me to make a card for her. This is what I came up with:


In addition to all of this my youngest turns 2 tomorrow – yes a NYE baby! He is slightly obsessed with busses at the moment so it seemed fitting that I make him a bus card. I kept it pretty simple as I knew he would be attracted to the bright colours more than anything else.


To help celebrate his birthday we have thrown him a ‘Lego’ party. The invitations were quick and easy to put together. The pictures aren’t that great (I did them during ‘nap time’ and then quickly snapped a few pics and put them away!) but you get the idea.


So that is how we see out the year 2017 – that time of the year that is so busy for everyone….is even slightly more busy for us. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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