August Promotions

Bonus Days are Back!

If you shopped and earn Bonus Day Coupons in July, now is the time to redeem them! If you need any help redeeming them, get in touch and I would be happy to help ou.

Do you have a large wish list? The absolute best way (and by best I mean cheapest!) is to join Stampin’ Up! It is a great deal in any normal month, but for the month of August you get the following extra

  • $45 AUD in additional product of your choice
  • A voucher for $16 AUD, emailed to you in September

What a bargain! To summarise this joining offer:

  • You pay $169 AUD , just like normal
  • You choose $280 AUD worth of product, anything you like up to the value of $280
  • You also receive $80 worth of business supplies (including catalogues, order forms etc)
  • On ongoing minimum 20% discount
  • You also get free shipping!

There is absolutely no obligation, there are quarterly minimums required if you would like to continue to be a demonstrator, but if you decide you just want a cheaper way to get a large wishlist, then that is fine! You don’t have to give anything back or anthing crazy like that!. Read more about joining up here.

If you are ready to join, simply click here and then click the ‘Join Now’ button. Any questions or queries get in contact with me either by email (, use the contact form or touch base via social media.

Ordering in August? Use the Host Code