Joining Stampin’ Up!

There are lots of reasons to become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, and also some misconceptions about what being a demonstrator means. Let me break it down for you – bullet point style:

The Basic Details

Pay $169 AUD and you will get the following:

  • $235 AUD worth of product OF YOUR CHOICE. Anything you want, including items on the clearance rack
  • $80 AUD worth of business supplies to help you start out (including catalogues, order forms etc)
  • Free Shipping


  • Once you are a demonstrator you will save a minimum of 20% (maximum 25%) off every order you place. Every order – big or small, clearance rack or regular.
  • You are eligible for every reward and bonus that ‘regular’ customers are eligible for. For instance as a customer if you spend $250 you would earn $25 in free products. You still get this benefit as a demonstrator – however there is a catch. The catch is that although you get $25 worth of free product when you buy $250 RETAIL value of product. But remember you don’t pay retail anymore. So $250 worth of product would only cost you roughly $200, and you still get the $25 worth of freebies! Bargain
  • You get to join some really cool demo only Facebook pages full of likeminded people who are over flowing with ideas and enthusiasm. Don’t do Facebook? Not a problem, there are web based forum style resources too.

Do I have to sell to people? Do I have to have a website?

  • You are under absolutely no obligation to hold classes, workshops, write a blog, have a Facebook page etc etc. And don’t worry – I certainly wouldn’t be pressuring you to do that. That’s not why I joined and I definitely don’t do all those things
  • However – should you want to do those things and turn your hobby into a business I am more than happy to help and support you anyway I can!
  • There is a minimum order that needs to be placed each quarter to remain an active demonstrator. This order doesn’t need to be placed in one hit, it is cumulative over the quarter. If you don’t reach your minimum order (and remember you could reach your order by just buying your own supplies, you don’t need to be selling) you are given a months grace. If after this month you still don’t reach your minimum you are no longer a demonstrator. However – you don’t need to give anything back, you don’t need to ‘return’ any free product you might have got. essentially you just go back to being a customer paying normal retail prices. There are no penalties what-so-ever! It really is a win win! And if you want to rejoin again in the future you can do so – in fact if you want to rejoin under the same demonstrator you were previously under you can join up again the very next day!
  • The minimum order for each quarter is around $468 AUD. I say around as it does change year to year to account for exchange rates etc. But it is roughly that as of today (June 2019). Remember this is a retail minimum – and demos never pay full retail prices!

Stampin’ Up Quarterly Selling Periods

  • The Stampin’ Up year is broken into 4 quarters: January – March, April – June, July – September & October – December. The minimum sales referenced above relate to these quarters.
  • If you join part way through a quarter, you have whatever is left of that quarter PLUS the next full quarter to reach your quarterly minimum. For instance, if you joined on July 2nd – that puts you part way through the July – September quarter. Therefor you would have whatever remaining of July – September, plus all of October – December to accumulate your minimum of roughly $468 Retail. So you would have July 3rd – December 31st to accumulate $468 AUD of spending. How cool is that! And again, remember that although you need to buy (or sell) product worth $468 each quarter, you don’t pay full price, you will only pay around $375 with your 20% discount (I’m rounding here…). How cool is that!

Can I Actually Money? or Is It All About the Discount?

  • Although you don’t have to sell to other people, you can earn some money by doing so. When you sell a product to a customer instead of you getting a 20% discount, you earn 20% commission on whatever they buy.
  • In addition to this commission there is potential to earn further income based on monthly sales as well as having the ability to increase you discount / commission to 25%.
  • There is also flex points you earn on every order – these are Stampin’ Up’s! version of frequent buyer points and can be redeemed along the way.

Like Reading the Fine Print? Think There Might Be a Catch?

Ready To Join?

  • If you are ready to join, simply click here and then click the ‘Join Now’ button. Any questions or queries get in contact with me either by email (, use the contact form or touch base via social media.

Don’t know what to put in your starter kit?

Get in touch with me and I can help you come up with a list. A suggestion of what you might like can be found here – but the catalogue is your oyster and you can add what you like.