CTC271 – A Jar With a Treat


Hi Everyone, and welcome to the first Case-ing the Catty Hop where we can actually share the insides of the new catalogue with you! All very exciting. So exciting that we couldn’t pick a section to Case and instead decides that we should all just Case whatever we like! How fun – the floor is open….this is your week to join in!!

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you would know that I am more into animals, fun cards and cards for children than I am into florals…so you might be wondering why I have shared a photo full of floral cards above. Let me tell you! Stampin’ Up! have released these super cute Mason Jar Shaker Domes.

As soon as I saw them….I thought wouldn’t it be fun to put some kind of treat in the. This isn’t a new concept – I have seen people fill domes with all sorts of lollies etc, but when I looked at them I thought they would be the perfect size for a lego figure. My two boys are lego mad – every spare hour they have at home is spent playing with Lego. We recently visited Japan for a holiday and stayed at the Legoland Hotel….which to be honest was probably one of the most fun places I have ever stayed!

Legoland Hotel Nagoya – Just hanging out in a pit full of Lego!

Back to my card – I decided to use the Mason Jar Dome as a holder for a mini figure, but I wanted to do it in such a way that the card recipient could remove the mini figure without destroying the card. Basically I added a flap and a slider mechanism. Lift the flap, pull down the slider and out comes a bonus ‘gift’!

I hope you like the card I have shared tonight, I certainly enjoyed making it. I have listed some of the main products I have used on this card – you could really use any coloured card stock and ribbon you like. The main feature of this card is the dome and the slider which are created using the Jar Punch and some foam strips as shown below. Click the images to head straight to the store – what are you going to hide in your mason jar dome?

Next up on tonights hop is the talented Siobhan, click below to see her project and then keep on clicking until you are back to where you started!


  1. You really are a paper engineer! – Love love love!! Brilliant idea. Perfect card for a gift. Amazing.


  2. Shannon, this is a great idea! I have Lego crazy grandsons .. what a great idea for birthday cards!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  3. Absolutely love this card, Shannon! Such a unique treat!


  4. This is sooooo amazing! Brilliant idea. I love seeing people get creative with punches and things like the shaker domes, and this is certainly one of the most creative uses for those that I have seen! What a brilliant surprise for anyone – not just the Lego made among us – to get. Awesome. 🙂 Siobhan.


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