Trinket Boxes

Whilst scanning Pinterest one night I came across these cute boxes and I knew that my boys would love them. They were a little bit different to a standard box, so instantly they become a bit fun.


The original website I found them on was from a demo named Brigitte Keiling. You can check out here post here. Whilst it isn’t in English, it is really easy to follow. I adjusted the sizing of the boxes as I had a few specific items I wanted to fit in them.

I  find the easiest way to adapt someone elses measurements to suit yourself is to draw them out. Once you mark on their score lines you can easily see the footprint of the box (Length x Width) and also see what height has been allowed for. Replace the measurements with your needs and add everything up.

For example in the original white box base, Brigitte starts with a pieces that is 12cm x 16cm and she scores it at 1.5cm and 4cm on all sides. When you draw this (forget about the bits you cut away for now) you can visualise that the base ends up being 4cm x 8cm, the height is 2.5cm and there is a 1.5cm ‘flap’ that folds down onto the wides. For my box I was happy with a height of 2.5cm, but the box base needed to be 7cm x 10.5cm. Therefore my cardstock starts at a size 18.5cm x 15cm. 


Apart from the sizing, I followed Brigitte’s instruction and templates for cutting and constructing, using a whisper white base and basic black lid.

The tops were decorated using a stitched square cut from the bat paper in the Toil & Trouble DSP pack, a stitched oval in Daffodil Delight, a bat punched out using the Spooky Bat punch, and then a die cut letter (L for Lachie, R for Ronan), also in daffodil delight.


Don’t forget, when decorating the lids only stick your decorations and embellishments to the top sitting flap – not both! Else you will not be able to open your box.


I am not sure yet what surprises I will fill their boxes with, but no doubt it will be something they will love.

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