Colouring Glitter with Alcohol Markers

I recently attended a local craft show and was shown this technique, creating almost like a stained glass effect. I loved it, so I bought some supplies to enable me to do it again at home

The owl below is the one I created at the craft show. We did actually create an entire card, but I didn’t really like their card colour choice so I only loosely glued it on so I could pull it off at home and re-use it on something else. This was my very first go at using alcohol markers to colour, they are amazing. The colours blend so nicely, and what’s a craft project without a bit of glitter?

A pro crafty blogger would probably be able to rattle off the colour numbers of each of the markers used….but lets face it – I’m not (maybe I could work on that!)


The way this technique works, is by sticking a piece of double sided adhesive paper to a piece of cardstock, and then sticking a black outline sticker to the double sided adhesive paper. If that sounds confusing – it’s really not. The black outline stickers are from Elizabeth Craft Designs and this video explains and demonstrates the whole technique really well. The glitter has to be microfine glitter in a white / light colour.

I have bought a few packs of stickers in various designs, but unfortunately I am waiting on the green set of markers to come in, so until I get them I can’t colour in anything that requires green – a bit limiting since everything seems to have a tree or leaves in it! But I still managed to get some ornaments coloured in and cut out and I will use them later on when I make some more christmas cards. The photos probably don’t do the glitter justice, but they are very sparkly and pretty in real life.


The alcohol markers I have are Nuvo Creative Pens by Tonic Studios. The colours used in the above photo (see I told you I would work on being a better blogger!) are:

  • Darker Purple – 441
  • Lighter Purple – 437
  • Darker Blue – 429
  • Lighter Blue – 427
  • Darker Red – 379
  • Lighter Red – 377

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