Blimey….they let you stay!

I needed to make a card with a London theme so I decided to get out my coloured pencils and do some colouring in!

My parents live in London and have done for the last 10 years. Mum was born in Ireland so we are all very fortunate that we can leach off this and get Irish Passports – very handy for OS travel. The exception to this is my Dad – who wasn’t eligible for a passport by association. To cut a long story short, he recently achieved Permanent Residency and can now stay in the UK for as long as he likes. To celebrate this fact, I found some free images online, printed them out and set about colouring them in with water colour pencils (though I didn’t end up adding water….so I guess they were just regular pencils on the day!).

The result is below – Dad was pretty chuffed to receive it


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