Top Five Tools

Here are my top five picks of tools in the new catalogue. Not all of them are brand new this catalogue, but they are all things I use on a daily basis.

Top 5 Tools in the Latest Catalogue – No Particular Order

148187s This is a stamping tool like no other! It allows you to line up stamps, perfecting two and three step stamping with ease. If you are a new stamper, it allows you to stamp multiple times in the same spot so you can get it right, or even just make it darker. It has two open edges so you can use any size card stock you like – perfect for scrapbooking. With two acrylic plates you have four stamping platforms on which to mount stamps, bulk card making has just become a dream!

2.Simply Shammy
147042s This is stamp cleaning perfection packaged in a purple rectangle! Use it to clean all your stamps. Although we do have the Stampin’ Scrub (which I also think is essential) this shammy makes it so easy to clean stamps while they are mounted on the Stamparatus. No more raiding the baby wipes stash – this shammy does a better job – and is also much better for the environment compared to wipes.
3.Stitched Shapes Framelits Dies
145372s This set gets used on almost every card I make. It is like a shape sample pack. You get four each of Ovals, Squares and Circles, and they all have a line of faux stitching around the edge. This gives them a nice finished look – they are perfect for cutting out sentiments of focal images.
4.Big Shot Embossing Mats
146327s This mat is a game changer – every die you own can now emboss as well as cut. I’ll let that sink in a minute…..This mat allows you to run any of your dies through the big shot and instead of cutting the shape, it will emboss the image onto your card. Imagine the background and textural pieces you can now create!
5.Aqua Painters
103954s Aqua Painters allow you to water colour like you never could before. They come in a pack of two and both have lovely brush style nibs (two different sizes). You can use them paint over a freshly stamped image to disperse the ink and give a water coloured look, you can use them by dipping the end in a pool of ink and then painting the colour direct to card stock, or you can even use them to flick colour around the page in a splatter pattern. In fact I have used them to flick a watery glue solution around the page before sprinkling glitter to give a nice random shimmer. These brushes paint so nicely (and are so neat and tidy) that I have given them to my kids too. You know those paint with water books where you paint water over a page and it ‘magically’ comes into colour? Well the pens that come with them are horrible and the nibs get hard and non porous very fast. I had the choice between a cup of water and a paint brush, or an aqua painter. No points for guessing what I picked!